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Winding down after work

The favourite part of my day (and I'm sure you will all agree) is getting home after a long and tiring day at work. With the nights drawing closer and closer each day it's the perfect excuse to get your pyjamas on at 6pm, grab that fluffy blanket and give yourself some tlc. It's so important to de stress after work and have yourself a little routine to look forward to, so that's why I'm sharing a few of the things that I like to do to help me wind down through the week.

As it's very much acceptable to do so now, I have all the lights switched off and candles lit as soon as I'm home. I just love the cosy atmosphere it creates, as well as the heavenly aromas. I recently picked up a few Christmassy ones from Home Sense and TK Maxx which smell amazing, such as Cranberry & Fig which I can't wait to light. I could spend hours browsing around their candle aisles, seriously.
When it comes to evening skincare I've been loving using these new Charcoal face masks* from 7th Heaven. They are fuss-free and easy to peel off which is extra handy when you're feeling a bit lazy after a tiring day. There's also a 100ml tube available which is even more fuss-free and a little less messy too! It leaves your skin feeling all clean and polished, without even having to wash or rinse it.
I also try to paint my nails once a week to keep them looking fresh, usually towards the end of the week before the weekend arrives. The ones I mainly reach for are the Barry M Molten Metal nail paints (you might already know from my Instagram that I love these) particularly shades 'Copper Mine' and 'Pink Ice' - something a bit sparkly for the festive season too.

I look forward to having a nice warm shower in the evenings with the recent chill in the air. I recently picked up the Imperial Leather shower creams in scents Cherry Bakewell and Strawberry and Vanilla which definitely make my showers more comforting. I do wish I was someone who could relax in a colourful Lush filled bath with a glass of rosé on the side but to be honest, I just can't be bothered, especially after work. Showers all the way and I'll save the full bottle for the weekend thank you!
After my shower always follows a hot drink, which 99% of the time will be green tea. I find it so relaxing to have before bed, and it warms me right up! My favourites to drink are the Twinings Salted Caramel and Fudge Melt flavours, they're so delicate tasting and smell really good too.
And who doesn't love fresh sheets and pyjamas? There's nothing like the feel of clean cotton on your clean skin as well as some fluffy socks to keep your toes warm. This is the ultimate way to end your busy day, ensuring you get the best sleep possible ready for a brand new day.

How do you like to wind down?

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Recolouring my hair with Colour B4 | Review

I've been wanting to strip my hair back to its natural colour for a while now. I say strip it back, but I actually only use semi-permanent colour on my hair, and always have done, but I've not seen my natural colour for a few years now.

I generally dye my hair once a month (Using L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss), but I've now built the colour up so much that it has caused a build up of uneven colour just below my roots. This is where Colour B4 comes in. As it suggests, it removes any colour from your hair so that you can start afresh with a new one, without using any harsh ingredients such as bleach or ammonia along the way. You can use this on both semi-permanent and permanent coloured hair as there are 2 different strengths to choose from.

I went for the frequent use formula, which is for frequently dyed hair that isn't overly dark. There's also an extra strength formula available which is for stronger, darker colours such as red or black. I was a bit hesitant to try this as I hadn't ever tried anything like it, so I felt the frequent use formula was the better option overall.

Included in the box are 4 bottles; an Activator, Remover, Buffer and conditioner, as well as a pair of plastic gloves and instructions.

So here is my hair before hand. As you can see, the ends are considerably darker than the roots and my natural colour is now starting to show through. The colour is faded and beginning to turn a reddish colour. I should add that I hadn't coloured it in approximately 6 weeks here either as I wanted to try and naturally wash out as much of the semi-permanent dye as possible. I'm actually still planning on re-colouring with the same colour as I usually do, but you can obviously go with whatever colour you desire.

To start out you need to have clean, dry hair so I washed and blow dried my hair before beginning. The first step in the colour removing process takes 60 minutes so ensure you have plenty of time, then the next steps are done inside the shower.

And this is the result of using all 4 bottles from the box on my hair. The colour has almost completely gone, with the exception of the odd few hairs but it did leave an orange tint all over. My natural colour is a dull, dirty blonde so I knew this hadn't totally took it back to that, but it does actually mention this may happen on the instructions. The process itself was pretty straightforward, a little specific on timeframes for each product to be left on and rinsed off but it took around 80 minutes in total. After using the buffer lotion, my hair felt really dry but the conditioner really helped to restore the lost moisture, so I really recommend you don't skip that step.

It isn't necessary that you dry your hair after you've finished but I did for the purpose of this photo. You can then go ahead and dye your hair straight away with your desired colour. I already had my dye to hand so I could get it all done in one go. 

And this is the final result. I went ahead and re-dyed my hair as normal, with the colour it was supposed to be. There is definitely a much more even finish, with no colour build up anymore and I feel better for knowing it's all even underneath. The Casting Creme Gloss makes my hair colour rich and glossy, which is why it may look in better condition than the previous photos. 

I think Colour B4 worked really well for me overall, and achieved the result I was hoping for. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to remove any colour build up or to change hair colour altogether, as it's so affordable to do yourself at home. You may require 2-3 boxes dependant on your hair colour, length and thickness but I think I got away with using just the one. Bare in mind I was removing semi-permanent dye here so it might work differently for permanent colours. 

Have you ever tried Colour B4?

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October Glossybox | Unicorns & Mermaids

Last month I had a lovely suprise when Glossybox contacted me about trying their September box*, (which I really enjoyed, and you can read all about here) but this month they suprised me once again, when I arrived home from work one day to not one, but two parcels from them! I already had a vague idea of what was in each parcel as it was briefly mentioned in the very first email I received, but I did not expect to be sent them.

As October is the month of Halloween, this months box was set to be a special one, with the theme based around two popular mythical creatures; Unicorns and Mermaids. I opened my parcel to discover that I had got the Unicorn box*, which made me slightly excitable! The box is so pretty and magical-looking, with an ombré effect and metallic purple writing. It did take me a while before I actually opened the box as I was admiring it so much!
This month includes 5 vibrant products to help embrace your inner unicorn, 4 of which are full sized. 

In brief the Unicorn box includes:

Makeup Revolution palette - a mix of vibrant greens, blues and purples, perfect for creating Halloween looks with.
Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg - a handy little tool which helps to thoroughly clean makeup brushes.
Sleek Creme to Powder Blush - a bright and creamy compact blush with mirror.
Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil - a marbled eyebrow pencil which creates a more natural-looking colour.
Bang Beauty Cream Color - a multi-purpose cream product for lips, cheeks, eyes and more.

I've only tried a couple of the products so far, as I think I'll save the rest for Halloween makeup looks, but how amazing do they look! I'm very impressed.

In my other parcel there was one of Glossybox's new and limited edition Slogan Sweatshirts*, embroidered  with the word Unicorn on the front in pretty pastel colours. I was so chuffed with this, as I just love cosy lounge wear (and I actually needed a new jumper to chill in!) so I put it on right away. I wore it pretty much all weekend and after a wash, wore it all through the next one too. It's so nice! A perfect fit in size medium too.

The special edition box is priced the same as every other month's at just £10 (which I still find hard to believe) but unfortunately is currently sold out on the website, as it was so popular. Hopefully there will be a restock soon though as it's in high demand.

What do you think of this months Glossybox?

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