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The All Year Round Nail Shades

I love a nail polish that's versatile, that matches any outfit, no matter what trend or season. They're the best kinds of shades. Asides from nude shades it's quite hard to find something that matches that criteria, without being too plain (and a little boring). These are a select few that I find are perfect to wear all year round and still manage to look impressive;

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in 'Copper Mine'
I first discovered this beauty of a shade back in Autumn, when all the warm and orange tones were out in full force. It then seen me through Winter and party season and I'm still even rocking it now in Spring. It's a good all-rounder as the colour isn't too vibrant, just a shimmery metallic copper shade which looks really impressive on.

Grey tones are a great option when it comes to nails as they fit nicely into any season. It's a good alternative to wearing a standard nude shade and you still won't need to worry about clashing with your outfit. This one has a slight blue tint to it so comes off a subtle pale, lilac shade. It's a good one for everyday, casual wear.

A glittery polish should always be in your collection all year round, whether it just be for weekends, parties or special occasions. The ones from Essie always look really pretty and elegant, with shades that aren't too tacky-looking or over the top. This dusky pink shade is appropriate for all seasons, from Spring to Christmas.

Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish Top Coat in 'Pearlfection'
I never really used to use top coats that often until I came across this. It not only coats and protects your nail polish underneath but also adds a lovely subtle shimmer to it, bringing any shade to life. It gives added glow to glittery polishes and adds a pop of shimmer to the plain ones. I couldn't be without it now, it's an essential for finishing off my nails!

Have you tried any of these? What are your all year-round shades?

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Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | First Impressions

I feel like I've been the only one in the world not to try or talk about this Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer so now is finally my chance! I picked this up just last week and I've used it for 3 days in a row now, which I think is a sufficient amount of time to be able to share my first impressions on it.

The shade I chose was obviously the lightest shade (01 fair) because let's face it I'm never going to be able to buy anything darker than white. I remember when I was obsessed with how bright the NYX HD Concealer was and went around Boots comparing it next to other concealer shades, and this looked yellow in comparison. That's why I never picked it up. But, when it arrived last week it actually looked perfect for my skin tone and not yellow whatsoever. Actually more of a pink - I'm blaming the lighting in boots! It's super bright which is perfect for highlighting particularly with my skin tone.

This comes in a small plastic tube which I quite like. I don't really like glass bottles for liquid products as you can't seem to get every last bit out (I usually snip the tube and transfer the product into a pot). There's 6.5ml of product inside which is quite a small amount, but I'm not quite sure if a little goes a long way with this just yet. The wand is handy but doesn't grab a lot of product so I find myself having to dip it in a fair few times to get the amount I desire.

This is said to last for up to 16 hours, but it doesn't actually specify on what kind of formula or finish it has apart from long-wearing. After a couple of uses I came to realise it was quite mattifying - which I like. The formula is quite thin, not too thick or cakey and I also haven't found it to oxidize yet, although my swatches below prove otherwise. I have to say I did slightly struggle blending this out as it dries so quickly, not majorly but it did require a bit of work. The end result however I was really pleased with. It leaves my face looking really bright and highlighted where needed but also has a good amount of coverage.

Overall, I'm really happy with the shade match, it's brightening and not too yellow-toned. I would prefer it to be in a squeezy tube so I could get more out but I guess it's less messy this way. I like how long-lasting it is but I do find it slightly more difficult to blend compared to more creamy concealers. The coverage is also really good, just what I need and it's working well for me at the minute! I find it has similar qualities to concealers such as the NYX HD Concealer as well as MAC Pro Longwear.  I think this is definitely one for either normal or oily skin as it could be too drying for other skin types. For the price it's amazing value though, at just £4.19 you can't complain really!

Swatches from top to bottom;
Concealer after drying
Concealer when freshly applied

What do you think of this concealer?

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Jewellery Details with Jewellerybox

Last week I was kindly contacted by the lovely Mari from www.jewellerybox.co.uk asking if I wanted to try any of their jewellery pieces to feature on my blog. I'd vaguely heard of the brand before through other bloggers, but had never really had a proper look so I was very excited to try some pieces as well as write about something new. She simply asked me to choose some products from the website which I thought would work well for me, which I appreciated as opposed to being sent something that may not of. This made it really nice and personal to my taste and preferences. There were lots of cute and dainty pieces to choose from which made it very difficult to narrow down!

My package arrived in a rustic-style brown paper box, tied up perfectly with twine. It's perfect if you're buying as a gift as it comes lovely enough as it is! No extra gift wrap required. It also has a couple of small tags if you wanted to write someones name on.

I chose a couple of pieces suited to my style, the first of which was this cute and quirky Dreamcatcher Necklace*. There are 3 colour options; sterling silver, gold dipped sterling silver and rose gold dipped sterling silver. I couldn't resist the rose gold and the pop of blue in the centre. It comes on a delicate chain but the design really makes it stand out.

I also couldn't resist this delicate Rose Gold Wishbone Half Eternity Stacking Ring*. I'm not really a ring-wearer when it comes to accessories but I thought this might change my mind and convert me. It's beautiful wishbone design makes it a little different and more eye-catching than a standard-shaped ring. It's really dainty and looks so pretty on.

I'm really pleased with both pieces, they're both affordable as well as good quality. I will definitely come back to them when I'm after a jewellery gift in the future! The brand were also really friendly and lovely to work with, I had no issues at all and communication was excellent.

Have you tried anything from Jewellery Box?

Items marked with (*) were gifted to me for consideration

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