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How to care for your spot-prone skin

Having spot or acne-prone skin can cause quite a barrier between you and products. Can I use this? Will it make my skin better or worse? I can't say I've tried absolutely everything, but since I've been blogging I've definitely tried a few more products, experimented with and without certain ingredients and learnt a lot about my skin along the way.
Everyone's skin is different - as you are most probably aware. Some people will grow out of it and some unfortunately won't, but there are definitely ways to calm and reduce your flare ups and keep them under control. These are a few products as well as lifestyle changes you might want to consider if you haven't tried them already.

A simplified skincare routine
Clear skin always starts with skincare and it's really important to not over-do it. You should stick to a few staple products in your collection that are either natural, organic, alcohol and perfume free as well as dermatologically tested. Some products which are great examples that I highly recommend are Effaclar Duo+, Salicylic Acid, Mario Badescu's Drying Cream & Drying Lotion and Sudocrem*. These products are all popular and effective treatments that help to soothe and clear the skin and they are always in my routine. I also use the Clinique Sonic System to help remove any traces of dirt or makeup as it works so much better than a wipe or cotton pad.

Going Dairy free
Probably about a year ago now I switched from drinking semi-skimmed cows milk to unsweetened almond milk as numerous sources stated that dairy played a big part in causing acne. I can't say I've gone totally dairy free (because you know, pizza and chocolate) but it's definitely something to consider if you think you could do it.

Cutting down on sugar
This is probably the main factor I've found that causes my flare ups. I don't eat loads of sugar, I'm not a major sweet snacker or anything (I try to stay really healthy throughout the week) but I do notice after the weekends where I've let my 'diet' slip is when it's at it's worst. Things you don't even think of such as sweet cocktails, sauces on your food and takeaways contain loads of it. When I'm being really good and watching my sugar intake I definitely see a big improvement in my skin - it's just really hard to stick to sometimes!

Drinking water
I'm sure you hear this one all the time but it's so important to drink plenty of water every day. Water helps to cleanse the body from the inside, clearing any toxins as well as hydrating and replenishing the skin. This is one I do struggle with but I try to make a conscious effort to always have a bottle of water on me where ever I go.

Do you have any special tips or products that work well for spot-prone skin?

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